Emily ze Glass Goth (zeglassgoth) wrote in gutter_gems,
Emily ze Glass Goth

Greetings. If anyone has time on their hands, or just likes doing icons, I have a request. See the lovely boy and girl sharing a kiss on the far right? Well, those two particular characters reminded me of my darling and I. =) I was wondering if there would be some wonderful, kind, person who would take time out of their life to cut out the lip-locked faces of those two, and make a little flashing icon for me? With the words "Paper-thin Boi & Cemetary Darling" in some sort of pretty text, like french script or old english text (in an off-white color, preferably). Anyone who could this, I'd be grateful to, and if you needed a favour that I could fulfill, I'd be happy to do it for you.

email: gothical_emily@hotmail.com
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