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gutter_gems's Journal

.:. * gutter gems * .:. * icons by gutter_flower *
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Welcome to Gutter Gems! This is a LiveJournal Community where I can post icons that I have made.

1. This community is for my icons and your requests! Please do *NOT* join just to show off your own icons (although, i'm sure they're great :) ) or to advertise your community. Posts such as these are subject to being deleted.
2. To make a request you can;
post in the community
post a comment
or email it.
3. If you do take an icon, please ask first and state which numbered icons you desire.
4. *PLEASE* put "gutter gems" in your interests (in your personalinfo). This helps advertise the community and lets me keep track of who has taken icons.

Thats pretty much the just of it. Thank you for looking, and I hope you'll enjoy my icons!