Pretty Radical. (hurtmemore) wrote in gutter_gems,
Pretty Radical.

Ok... so... I want to play with icon ideas.
You guys should make me some :)

Ok... So since VillagePhotos is insane with bandwidth problems we'll just go with the pictures I took yesterday..
Found here!
I like the first one of me and Lex if it was lightened a little...and I like the 3rd one (just me) also if it was lightened...
Play with colors or b/w. I like pink, black purple or blue.
I don't want all of the background stuff from those pictures... just basically my head (Or in the case of me and Lexus... Both of our heads)
On the one of just me... Either play around with some lyrics or words of your chosing or I'd also like to see "She shines in a world full of ugliness." in a fun font or scrolling across the bottom.
On the one of me and Lexus, it would be kind of cute to have little paws or something on it..
Or you could cut my face out of it and put it on a fun background or something and maybe put "Princess" or "hurt me more" or "Fragile" on it?
I'd also like an animated Icon of me and Aaron... One of the pictures of me... Then a new screen that says "When I close my eyes" then this picture of him then a new screen that says "It's you I see" Maybe some hearts thrown in some places... or some of <3 those types of hearts... You can use other lyrics than those... Maybe "They Shine" then "In a world full of ugliness" or just "love" or things like that... Whatever! Thanks!
Hmm... this picture of him would also be nice if it said "Your voice- It chased away.. All of the sanity in me. <3"
Taking this and making it pink and putting "The Princess Loves The Elf Boi" on it would be nice.
Maybe doing something with a razor and putting "Someday you will Ache like I ache" would be very much appreciated..
OR just a really fun "techy" type of background that says "hurt me more" on it would also be good..
Please put atleast a small border around the icons in some color other than black so it stands out against the background of my journal..
I really like "techy" looking icons. I like fun backgrounds and fonts. I'm easy to please!
Play around and have fun. If anyone tries it please put the URL to the icons in the reply for me.
-Any- of these icons would be very much appreciated!! Thanks!
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