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1. Please, please give credit by putting gutter gems in your interests.
2. Post which one you're taking and if you have plans on altering/customizing it.
3. If you'd like the icon to be for your use only, please note that.
4. Enjoy!

Random Icons;

These icons are all samples of collections I'm going to make and post some here and some at iconaddicts

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hey i wanted the paris one its bpm but can u change it to pmg or jif please thnx alot if u can
paris one.. thanks!
i'm gonna take the Michelle Branch one. thanks! ^^
i love the michelle branch icon! do you mind if i save it?
love the CZJ one...stealin' it if you don't mind...I would rather this be for my own use only lol I feel a sense of GREED veiling over my SOUL. lol just kidding, great icons, thanks for letting me use them.
summertime + paris, thank you :) will credit.
I pilfered the Chicago one.
i snatched the kiss in paris icon .. love it!
I was wondering what you use to make your icons? I love that font that is on all of them. I want to be able to make my it a program you have to pay for?
Am pilfering the Summertime one please. It's fab
i took the paradise one, the paris one, and the summertime one. nice job, these rock.
Taking the paris one. So pretty <3!
taking the paris one,its rad <3